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0434 962 462
Bowral, New South Wales
The Naturopathic Cooking school has been created by Naturopath Sara-Jane Cleland to show you how quick and easy it can be to eat healthy whole foods!

The Naturopathic Cooking School

These cooking schools have been created to inspire change to a healthy balanced way of eating.

Information and ideas have been sourced from different diets including the Paleo diet, a Wholefood diet, a Raw food diet and a Pescetarian diet. The recipes reflect these ideas and therefore are vegetarian with some fish, gluten free, low grain, low sugar and dairy free except for yoghurt and kefir.

Sara-Jane is a highly qualified and experienced Naturopath with a deep understanding of food as medicine and evidence-based nutrition. Sara-Jane often clears up misconceptions and educates on what constitutes healthy food and a healthy diet.

The cooking schools are inspirational, offering both theory and practice, preparation ideas, fun social gatherings and the experience of eating delicious organic food.

Different Themes for Different Needs

Quick & Easy Wholefoods for Busy souls - perfect for busy people and families, with lots of handy tips on how to save time in the kitchen without compromising on quality.

Paleo for Weight Loss - expanding on Sara-Jane's successful weight loss program she shows the practical side of how to lose fat and get back to your natural shape.

Superfoods, Herbs & Spices for Longevity - as a herbalist Sara-Jane is passionate about using herbs and spices in your cooking so food becomes your medicine.

Raw & Fermented Foods for Detox & Digestion - improve your digestion, feed your gut microbiota and reduce allergies with these foods often overlooked in the modern diet.

Broths & Ferments for Digestion and Gut Healing - improve your digestion, feed your gut Microbiota and heal your gut with broths, gelatin treats and fermented foods.

2017 Timetable

Saturday 3rd March
Quick & Easy Wholefoods for Busy souls

Saturday 26th May
Superfoods, Herbs & Spices for Longevity

Saturday 28th July
Broths & Fermented Foods

Saturday 8th September
Paleo for Weight Loss

Saturday 17th November
Raw & Fermented Foods for Detox & Digestion

Time: 2-5pm
Venue: CWA Hall Bowral
Cost: $100-$120

Includes sharing the food we prepare and a take-away treat for family or friends - all food is 100% certified organic food, sourced locally from the Southern Highlands where possible.

Private Group Workshop

If you have a group of 6 or more people you can book your own private workshop and desired theme on a Saturday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon - please contact me for bookings.


'Had fun this afternoon learning about Super Foods, Herbs and Spices at the Naturopathic Cooking School in the Southern Highlands. Some theory first and I learnt a lot, followed by an interactive cooking class where we helped prepare several dishes using organic ingredients, herbs and spices which we then shared together. Was fun and very useful. We can incorporate the ideas into our day to day diet, for our health. Highly recommended!'
Jill, Food Path Operator, Bowral

'Thank you so much for the other weekend I really enjoyed the course and look forward to the next one...I've been dreaming about making the coriander and red pepper dip since doing the course!!'
Lou, Bowral

'Thank you Sara-Jane, for a very informative and fun class - Raw and Fermented Foods. I learned lots, took home some wonderful recipes and was completely blown away with the deliciousness of the (easily-prepared) foods. I thought this class would be worthwhile but it exceeded even my optimistic expectations. I can easily include these recipes into our daily living without having to make major changes - thanks again, I'll see you at the next class! Thank you so much!'
Annella, Bowral

'Thanks SJ for a beautiful afternoon. Gorgeous food, great energy and awesome info... Thanks again!'
Elly, Berrima

'The best $95 you will ever spend! I have been to Sara-Jane's previous workshop and I was blown away by the delicious and simple recipes.'
Nadiah, Bowral

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